Life Coaching

What do You Want?

What specifically do you want?

What might be threatened if you get it?

For what reasons do you not have this already?

Your Work

A thousand mile journey begins with the first step.  We begin or continue your journey in session.  And this journey is unique to you, yet a good question to point the way could be, "What do you have to do, or say or become in order to die with a smile on your face?"

We are all getting what we want on some level, even if we're miserable.  This highlights not a flaw in our human natures, but a great strength.  If we find ourselves stuck in the mud, some part of us may have needed that stuckness in order to wake up to our own depths.  As I understand it, we cannot change reality.  For example, we cannot change when someone we love dies or we lose a job, we can though choose how we respond to this.  That is the great power we've been given as humans.  To align, deeply with Nature and Reality.

We get to speak our desires into this reality and if we're patient and pay attention, we get to watch how the world responds.