Life Coaching

Coaching always begins with questions such as 'What do you want?' or 'How much compassion do you offer yourself when you look at your goals and accomplishments?'  Often we are hard on ourselves when we set goals which can be self defeating.  By creating self compassion in our goal setting, we find much more fluidity, clarity and empowerment in the process of stepping toward our goals.  This often includes what we want from our lives - that is our desires and curiosities.  Coaching is a step by step process of moving into the actions that our goals ask of us.  It accounts for the natural obstacles that we encounter as we take these steps toward achieving our goals.

Jared orients the process with nature and a strong sense of self compassion in mind and body.  The process includes learning or deepening into being present with mind, body and emotions.  Spending time each session practicing presence with senses, emotions and thoughts.  Coaching is not so much creating goals but rather creating an inviting environment where your goals can reveal themselves.  It presupposes that we each have a place within us that knows what it wants.  We work together to listen to your own knowing and bring it to fruition.

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