Adult Men's Vision Fast

If you're considering growing presence in your ribs; your chest and eyes.  If you're on a path that yields spiritual fruit or you're starving.  If you're sick in places you didn't know existed or you have fears arriving daily, new and bold and crippling.  Then going on a fast, might not be for you.  But, if you want this thing, this event, this trial, if you want to go out and meet a winter and look it right in the face while your entire life explodes all around you.  maybe come along on this thing.  Think hard.  Don't rush this one, go out somewhere quiet and under the sky and think on this.  Whisper it out loud, should I go out and fast.  It's wrong, this culture.  It's wrong to deprive men of marking events that make them know, without doubt, they belong to the same thing the sun belongs to; inextricably linked into the order of all good things.  And in order to find us, we have to grab onto each other in a way that has long been lost - in trusting bonds, in ritual circles created with intent.  Intent to pardon each other for 10 days or so, from the bonds of our acquired shame and fear, to come out to ground, where fire breaks out and rain soaks and sit with each other, our ears for each other.  Spying the truth blocking the man from becoming.  Spying the truth that is the way, the fear that is the way, the windstorm heart that is the way that wants to walk out of your words.  God, Allah, give us time together, give us a heart for each other give us soul.  Then we can know, before we die, that we walked out there to face the coming of life and the hunter of death willingly, with brothers.