What is my approach to coaching?

What you want is the center of our work together.   We spend some time listening to what brings you here and where you want to go.  I ask you to clarify. get specific and speak it loud and clear into our communication.  We then go about the fun process of developing structure from your wants.  This takes some time and playing with things, figuring out how to integrate the structure into your existing life, financial, relational, etc. in a balanced way.  

coaching is a bridge between goal focused life coaching and somatic integration.  The process includes the present moment in the relational space with an intention toward allowing the arising energy within to be given space.  This is part of the practice of each session, and in this, each client can access and articulate goals from their own unique energy.  We move with setting goals and we engage and bring presence to any resistance, fear or block, learning to integrate this energy within the goal achievement process.

Why do people choose Integration Coaching?


To collaborate with a professional to set and achieve goals, which have remained unfulfilled, often due to unintegrated energy from the past.  The coaching relationship helps create healthy structure, step by step movement, tools to confront fear and celebration of jobs well done.   


To integrate learning from peak spiritual experiences such as the Vision Fast or spiritual retreats.  These peak experiences can often contain a deeper calling to make a life change or start or deepen a personal practice, which can get lost or forgotten when not brought into the context of supportive relationship.


To practice embodiment and emotional integration with a professional in a safe connection.  Integration requires us to delve deeper than the intellect into the active experiencing of emotion.  The relational context creates a practice environment to bring more of the self into connection.

How is Integration Coaching different from or similar to traditional therapy or counseling?


Integration coaching brings a focus on the emerging present moment with a person and engages the past as it arises.  Often therapy can work the other way around; bringing attention to the past so that the present can be experienced.  


Also, coaching centers on the presupposition that the client knows what they want, i.e. they guide the process.  Therapy can often rely on the skill set of the therapist to determine the flow of the process.  

     - At the cutting edge of counseling psychology is a focus on healing trauma and utilizing somatic methodology to do so.  While Integration Coaching cannot diagnose nor claim to heal trauma, like counseling it also utilizes somatic or body centered techniques to address symptoms of trauma.

How many sessions do I need in order to achieve results?

        The answer to this depends on each clients' intention and needs.                       Sometimes a client comes with needs that one session can address.  Often this could be an affirmation for something they have already achieved but that went unrecognized or to fine tune a goal that is already underway.

        Other clients need to develop their goals and the structure that supports them, addressing the natural innate resistances that arise, within the support of consistent sessions.  

         For those who invest more time, we often take between 2-5 sessions developing and clarifying goals and then setting up a clear structure.  It is optimal then, to commit to 3 month blocks.  In these 3 month blocks some clients make 1-2 sessions a week or as little as 2 a month, depending on their needs.

How much does it cost and are there any packages or discounts?

     - Each individual session costs $85 

     - Three session packages cost $240 ($80 per session)

     - Five session packages cost $375 (75 per session)

     - * The initial session is a consultation to determine if working together is what is best for us both.  If we determine it is best to continue working together, the initial consultation will be a regular session fee.  If we do not continue together, there is no charge.

     - Sliding scale is available for students and some exceptions from $65-$85

     - Payment is due at time of visit.

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