The Vision Fast

The vision fast is a modern day rite of passage born from many different ancestral lineages and cultures.  At face value it is a simple ceremony: spend days and nights in solitude, fasting in nature.


Green Fire Collaborative sponsors this as a group experience.  Bringing a group of up to 12 fasters and 4 guides out for 9 days.  Three days are to set up the fast.  Three days to fast alone at your spot.  And two to three days to tell stories and prepare for going back to your life.  The process is interpersonal and often creates a sense of village among peers.  For going out on such a quest with others doing the same often creates deep bonding and connection.  And while the 3 days of the fast are in solitude, away from the group, there is a great sense of intimacy and connection often found within your group of peers and guides.


Green Fire guides will patiently and skillfully bring you and your peers up to the threshold of your fast, support you as you step across and wait open armed at base camp for your safe return.  Our guides have been in and around this ceremony for a long time.  All of us are trained at the School of Lost Borders, an organization and school that has taught and brought modern day rites of passage for over thirty years now.  The school has become an elder for those of us who feel called bringing the vision fast to different populations.


The vision fast is a powerful experience that often brings about great changes for one’s life.  And like older rites of passage, it is a challenge to the participant.  Green Fire does not require everyone to fast, for we’ve found that for some, this is not a strong, nor healthy move.  However each participant must feel physically up to the challenge of 9 days out in the back country and 3 of those days alone in nature fasting - should you feel called to do so.

If you have interest in a vision fast  we recommend setting up a call with one of our guides to discuss registration and some of what to expect. 

The latest deadline for registration will be July 1st. 

July 21-29, 2018

Location: Bend, Oregon - Cascade Foothills

Price: $700-$925



 Jared  - 541 639-2059