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Wilderness Rites of Passage Experiences

The vision fast is an opportunity to take part in humanity’s heritage of initiation.  Spending time alone in the wilderness is a human experience that has been documented since recorded history on every continent. It is inherent to us. Here, a rite of passage marks the major life stage transition that you have been undergoing.  The fast is drawing a line in the sand and saying now is the time I step into my larger self.  The one that beckons me to step wildly and boldly toward the future that calls me.  


We set up a community to receive you in your transition.  For weeks or months before the experience, the process begins to unfold naturally from your own experience.  The moment you say yes to going on the fast, is the moment your ceremony begins.


For 8 days you will leave the comforts of your home and come out into the wilderness with your group consisting of trained and initiated guides, assistant guides and fellow fasters.  We will gather in council and allow the process to take us deeper into why you brought yourself out to the silences.


It is a model that can address the depths of these life questions without sentimentality nor much buffer.  It is a rite of passage because it often challenges each person to rise in a way they may have not before, by facing the challenge of solitude in the wilderness without food or distraction.  


After arriving at base camp we prepare for 2-3 days within a group setting.  Making all of the necessary preparations to be as safe as possible.  We cook, eat and gather together, forming the circle that will hold each one of you as you sever ties with the world, go out and experience your solo fast and then return to us.  The fast will be 3 days and nights.  Upon return you will be received by your peers and guides and the story harvest will begin.


At Green Fire we believe in building the community that can catch you as you return.  We help you set up your peer culture not just for the fast, but for your life.  Crossing the threshold with others often results in deep bonds.  We believe those bonds are seeds for you to water as you return to your new life of an initiated person.  


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Work and Skill Projects

We believe in the value of physical work and development of skill. It helps create a connection with the land. It supports people to further inhabit their bodies and find a greater sense of health. It enables us to develop community and practice communication, teachability, and collaboration. We offer opportunities for people to be mentored in work projects with the goal of developing transferable skills both professionally and personally.  The main projects include gardening, farming, and remodeling existing structures. We are informed by permaculture principals in our projects and seek to find maximum efficiency and co-existing with the earth. 

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