Jared supports clients' exploration of their essential longing by skillful attunement, compassionate presence and deeply practiced approach.  Coming from a coaching and a trauma informed background and currently immersed in deeper trauma healing training in the NARM Model, Jared skillfully opens space for his clients to attend to what needs healing the most within themselves.

Through reflection and honest presence, Jared allows each client the space they need to come to their own solutions and discover an empowered stance in their healing journeys.  

His counseling approach gives each client the reigns, while nurturing the process to be essential and authentic.  

Jared believes that healing needs less focus on what doesn't work, than on what is currently working.  Integration, rather than focusing on trauma, often heals trauma most effectively.  Integration work is often deeply empowering to clients; imbuing each client with the lasting effects of their own wisdom, inspiration and insight.  

His approach is gentle, direct, present centered, empowering, kind and effective.


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