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Integration Coaching

"Knowledge is only rumor until it is in the muscle"                                                                      New Guinea Proverb


Jared supports people in connecting to their original energy and the course that it is asking to walk in the world.  

Trained as a Counselor and LIfe Coach, he focuses on remaining in connected rapport during sessions.  This allows both the flow of energy and blocks to come into relation.  From this place he gently guides the process toward the honing of goals and the often present blocks and resistances that arise.

He helps clients navigate resistance, by honoring its' roots rather than pushing against them.  He focuses on allowing essential energy to integrate within a person's body, emotions and conscious thought.  Jared brings his deep personal practice and compassionate demeanor to session.

Jared supports his clients' integration of peak spiritual experiences into everyday life and relationships.  Often peak experiences bring us great revelation; a download of insight and free energy.  When the experience is over, the very real challenge of integrating what was learned begins.  This is akin to the sun's light hitting the green leaf and the leaf's work is to translate the energy into it's own living body.

*Set up an initial consultation with Jared to see if it's right for you.  If you do not continue, there is no charge.

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