Initiation in Modern Times:

An exploration of old rites through storytelling and poetry

Nov.16, 6:00-7:30pm at Roundabout Books

Free Admission

Are we efficiently guiding our youth across the threshold to mature adulthood?  What is Initiation and what can older cultures teach us about it?

Jared uses a drum rhythm while telling old stories, weaving poetry into the conversation.  expect a lively dynamic experience.  Come and join the conversation or just silently participate as we grapple with old ideas in this new era.  


The world can't weave itself into the conversation, when words are increasingly devoid of nature.  While nature can be touched, tasted, cut, boiled, hunted, smelled, harvested, seen and felt; it's deeper mysteries cannot be cornered so easily.  How the world works? or why the world works? or is there a god or gods? or where is this current mess headed? or what is my gift to life? these questions must be answered with limerick, poems, whims, fancies and especially old stories and myths that know how to properly stuff the ingredients into their verbiage for warming and greening the hearts of listeners without boring or scaring them to death.  For God sakes, we are bored by the banal mass media rhetoric and we are being picked apart by a pervasive incessant logic that dilutes the tonic of good conversation by separating it from the fanciful.  And what's fanciful these days has been lumped into the danger of fakery, so it is surgically excised from the scene.  Our ancestors were masters of story, jamming root and leaf and bone and death and all the human troubles (and their healing tonics) into old hand-me-down tales.  So join Jared for 90 min of story and fancy, and perhaps we can unearth or awaken some helpful Oregon spirit, who is inclined to aid us in our ever needed journey toward initiated maturity.