"Jared created and held a space of true belonging for me that I had been searching for in a professional setting, but honestly had struggled to find the right fit. His approach allowed me to have a transformative experience that felt safe and not prescriptive. I was able to process and energetically find grounding and stability in working together, as well as restore a greater sense of vitality and connection to both myself and my community. Our sessions also allowed me to deepen into the growth and evolutionary path I find myself on now with more confidence, and I am so grateful for his healing guidance and true compassion. Jared's presence and integrated practice are a gift to those that cross his path.

I felt safe to openly grieve and tend to the dark corners of my heart that needed the most love, some very old wounds. Jared provided a container and structure in which to explore these spaces without judgement or working to "fix" anything, and his coaching felt organic and natural as I traversed some new edges of my consciousness. The intensity of this uncovering and welcoming the shadowy sides of self is no joke, and Jared's counsel helped me have the courage to go deep without feeling ashamed or disturbed at what I was finding tucked and buried away."         

"When I first started working with Jared I was filled with anxiety, regret, guilt, and fear.  Mostly because I was focusing on the past (which I cannot change) and the future (which is unknown).  Jared was calm and patient with me but also consistent and encouraging.  Through his guidance he taught me how much power I have in the moment, the now, to reclaim what I thought was lost forever.  I truly believed that I would always live with constant anxiety and fear.  But Jared taught me about grounding myself using a visualization/meditation practice.  He showed me how trauma shows up in the body.  When I was experiencing anxiety.  I listened to his calm and trusting voice that asked me to let the feeling come in and to not run from it.  At times it was intense but afterwards I felt such a sense of relief.  I was no longer allowing myself to be controlled by my negative thoughts. 
Today, when I have a negative thought I know how to ground myself through the practice Jared has taught me. It has truly changed every aspect of my life!  This is just one of the many gifts I’ve received from working with Jared.  I can say wholeheartedly that Jared Anderson has been put on this earth to do this work.  It has brought me a peace I never thought possible and I am forever grateful."