She looks into the mirror of the land and sees her depths reflected. She ponders the questions: Who am I becoming?  Who are my people?  What is my intent in this life?  She wanders along the edges of loneliness, where vision lies waiting. What is unimportant falls away. The life that must be lived lies ahead.

Women's Vision Fast

July 27-august 3, 2019

location: cascade mountain wilderness
Investment: $800

Join this unique week-long rite of passage ceremony to clarify and initiate the life that you are being called to lead. Sit in council with a small community of women to craft and claim your intention, spend three days and nights fasting in solitude in an intimate conversation with the land, and share the story of your ceremony in preparation for incorporation of your vision into your life.

The vision fast is a pan-cultural wilderness-based initiation undertaken by those who are being called to illuminate and explore their depths, claim their soul's purpose, and mark their place along life's journey. 

We welcome all cisgendered, non-cisgendered, trans, and queer individuals to participate in this collaborative and solo exploration of womanhood and sacred femininity.

The Guide Team

Natalie Mehrens is a local ceremonialist, therapist, and avid explorer of the natural world. She has been facilitating groups outdoors for the last ten years. She was trained as a rites of passage guide by The School of Lost Borders. 


Kirsten Rudestam is an environmental educator, wilderness guide, and meditation teacher. She has fifteen years experience teaching environmental field courses, nature-based meditation programs and guiding wilderness expeditions. She has trained in the vision fast with The School of Lost Borders and is a facilitator for Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects. 

Structure and Logistics 


DAY 1-3 Severance

Our group will camp together at a wilderness base camp location for the first three days of the experience. We will meet throughout the day to sit in council, craft intentions, learn about the Four Shields, a framework to understand the mirror of nature. Your guides will be readily available to address any concerns leading up the fast and will ensure that you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared for the fasting portion of this experience. You will be responsible for your own food and camping supplies during this base camp time. We will supply water, cooking stove, a kettle, and cooking pots. 

DAY 4-6 Threshold

For the next three days and nights you will be fasting in solitude at your own site. All sites will be scouted previously and will be a reasonable distance from base camp to ensure both safety and privacy. During this time your guides will hold space at base camp. They will be accessible and will have reliable systems for addressing any concerns and contacting help in town if need be. In order to ensure daily health and safety during your fast, you will be paired with another nearby faster that you will have a system of acknowledging your wellbeing with each day. 

DAY 7-8 Incorporation

On the morning you return to base camp we will celebrate your return with break-fast. The guides will provide this feast. The remainder of our time will be spent in council, gleaning wisdom and guidance from the stories of your vision fast. The guides will honor your experiences on the land through a dynamic mirroring process that will help you to understand your visions and incorporate them into being. 




TO REGISTER AND LEARN More:     (541) 401-8919